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Our booster club supports five football and three drill teams. Successful execution of a season requires a monumental amount of personal time and resources from dedicated volunteers. We are incredibly fortunate to have an outstanding core of volunteers who work tirelessly in support of our children. Please make a conscience effort to extend your sincere appreciation to them and reciprocate by volunteering your time and talents when called on. We cannot be successful without every family's support and volunteer efforts!

Every family will be required to contribute a minimum number of volunteer hours throughout the regular season. Additional volunteers will be needed to assist in any playoff and/or Superbowl games. As part of registration each family will be required to provide either a postdated check or credit card authorization for $250 as a deposit towards fulfillment of their volunteer obligation. Should your volunteer obligation not be met by the end of the season these checks/credit cards will be processed.


Board of Directors


Team Moms

Game Day Volunteers (Coordinated by our team mom's)

If you are interested in Coaching, being a Team Mom, or filling an open Board Position, please contact a Board Member.