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Announcer (All Games) - 1.5 Credits

During halftime announce all leadership staff, each girl and spirit girl of the week. Use a prepared statement from either the Director or the Team Mom Coordinator.

Set Up and Break Down (All Games, 2 people) - 1.5 Credits

Setup tents, seat pads, pom box, megaphones, and any other supplies needed for the squad before start of game and break down all after the squad is done. Take all items to trailer for loading.

Game Day Mom (All Games, 2 people) - 1.5 Credits

Helps with getting the girls organized for the game. Checks that all uniforms are clean, hair and bow are in place, monitors bathroom breaks, and is present with girls during snack.

Water Person (All Games) - 1 Credit

Prepares cooler with ice water for the participants. Helps to keep participants hydrated. Refills water bottles for the participants and coaches.

Photographer (All Games and Competition) - 1.5 Credits (Games)/4 Credits (Competition)

Takes action pictures of participants, coaches, families, volunteers and spectators throughout the game. Takes pictures of participants during competition. Then uploads pictures to team and squad media pages.

Videographer (All Games and Competition) - 1.5 Credits (Games)/4 Credits (Competition)

Takes video clips of cheers and each performance throughout the game from the stands and during competition.

Banners (All Games) - 1 Credit

Hangs and removes any posters or banners for the squad and delivers to Team Mom at the end of each game.

Concession Stand (Home games) - 1.5 Credits

One person to help sell concessions. Volunteers for this position will work during the opposite time of their child(ren)'s performance game, so they can watch their child perform. All volunteers must be at least 14 years old.

Goodwill Gift (Home Games) - 3 Credits

One person to plan, create, and provide a basket for the opposing team at the beginning of the game. The basket will include items such as ribbons, hair items, candy, small stuffed animals, footballs, and/or whistles. All items must include the opposing team's colors. The basket must be given to the ORS Team Mom Coordinator or the ORS Drill Team Director.

Competition Volunteer (Competition, 3 people) - 4 Credits

Helps with getting the girls ready with hair and makeup, costume changes, lunches. Keeps track of competition schedule.

Homecoming Volunteer (Miscellaneous Activity, 2 people) - 4 Credits

Helps make mums, pin them on and off the participants before game and at halftime. Helps with decorations and organizing homecoming events.

Sideline Spirit Camp Volunteer (Miscellaneous Activity, 3 people) - 4 Credits

Assists at annual Sideline Spirit Camp held at Legends Sports Complex.