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A.A.Y.F.D.T. Policies and Procedures and Rules of Competition are published on the league website (www.aayfdt.org) for review. It is your responsibility to adhere to league expectations. Good sportsmanship and respect are expected at all events, both on the field and in the stands.

  • Parents/guardians are expected to pick up their child or children from the designated practice area on time. Parents/guardians should remain near the practice site or have arranged for an adult to remain at practice to supervise their child. The league volunteers are not responsible for supervising your child when practice ends. Please ensure your child is picked up from the practice area on time.
    • Failure to pick up your child may result in the following consequences:
  • 1st time - Written Warning
  • 2nd time- Contact Constable or Sheriff's Office
  • 3rd time- Removal from Club Roster
  • Alcohol, smoking and/or other tobacco products are prohibited at school campuses/facilities and league sponsored events.
  • Vulgar language will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Fighting, including verbal assault is strictly forbidden.
  • No coach is to be approached prior to, during or following practice/games - including team meetings and at half-time. Please address the Athletic Director with coaching concerns or any booster club member with other issues.
  • No parents, fans, guests or other individuals are allowed within the fences of practice or game fields and/or on the track. If venues are not fenced, everyone must allow a 50-foot 'clear' zone from the sideline.
  • Failure to comply with league expectations can result in suspension or expulsion from the A.A.Y.F.D.T. .